Sarit Hadad
Sarit HadadFlash 90

When Israeli pop singer Sarit Hadad was asked by an Instagram follower if she would agree to perform on Shabbat for a million dollars, she gave a clear, straightforward answer:

"Not even for a million dollars, no way! Shabbat is the greatest gift that our nation ever got. The Kiddush, the blessings, dinner at the table. At the end of every long week, my strength for the upcoming week comes from quality time with my family."

The singer is currently launching her 24th album, and this time she's especially excited. "After a long time of putting out singles, a new album is out. This time I went on a journey and I dove into the world of writing and composing, together with amazing artists and producers, and together we created a new album," she said.

"Throughout my career, I wrote and composed here and there, but this is the first time that I'm fully involved in the creation of the whole album, I'm writing this and I'm excited like a little girl," Hadad admitted.