Ishay Ribo
Ishay RiboDarchei Miriam

On Wednesday evening, ACUM (the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel) held an awards ceremony with a focus on popular music over the past year. During the course of the event, moving tributes were paid to the musician and composer Tzvika Pick, the writer Yoram Taharlev, the guitarist and musician Gary Eckstein, the actor and performer Uri Zohar, actor and performer Tzvi Schissel, and the presenter and stand-up artist and journalist Modi Bar-On -- all of whom recently passed away.

מחווה לצביקה פיקמשה זיו

After playing a memorable song by Tzvika Pick, the presenter of the ceremony announced that the most-sung song of the past year in Israel has been "Sibat Hasibot" by Ishay Ribo. Ribo then went up to the platform to perform this song and also give a short yet emotional speech.

"It's a great privilege to be here tonight," he began. "When Sibat Hasibot first came out, it was during a period when things weren't so clear, when the things we'd come to rely on got shaken up. We were all looking for stability back then, for a sense of hope, and what came out of that was that people suddenly realized with certainty that there is Someone running the show, Someone much bigger than us. The fact that this song became the most-sung song at this time, a song that is so obviously about faith, shows that what we all have in common is much stronger than the things that divide us."

ישי ריבומשה זיו

Ribo added that, "This also shows first and foremost that music is something that brings people together, despite all the petty quarrels that divide us as a People. I hope so much that with G-d's help we'll continue to unite with this faith in Someone above, through simchah and not distress. I thank G-d for all the days and nights.

Ze'ev Nechama, the leader of the band Ethnix, also won an award, with the judges stating that, "Nechama succeeds in combining East and West, obscure songs and hits, and he also deals with issues such as bringing about peace between people. Many of his poems which are still loved to this day have made a genuine contribution to bringing people together."

זאב נחמהמשה זיו