The demolition in progress
The demolition in progressCourtesy

Israel Police officers and IDF Civil Administration inspectors destroyed a lookout point this morning (Thursday) that was built within the boundaries of the town of Amichai and within the town's 'blue line' (the legal limit for building around a town).

The forces confiscated three containers with valuable equipment worth tens of thousands of shekels belonging to local residents.

The observatory is located on the southern side of Amichai and is about 150 meters from the houses of a Palestinian Authority village that is being built nearby. The village is expected to be built to within 50 meters of Amichai.

The leader of the town's council, Attorney Avichai Boaron, commented: "It is amazing that Benny Gantz is taking full advantage of his last days in office to destroy an Israeli settlement while allowing the Arabs and the Palestinian Authority to build up to our security fence."

"In this case, too, it is a matter of destruction within the borders of the settlement of Amichai, while on the other hand, tens of meters from the border of the settlement, the Palestinian Authority is building a new town and the Minister of Defense and the entire system allows this, allows the strangulation of Israeli settlement."

"In the coming days we will go up to the hill again, we will build it, we will make it bloom, Benny Gantz will go his way, we will remain to plant and build, and with God's help the people of Israel and the settlement will win."

In the Arab villages in the area they blessed the destruction. In the social networks they said that for the past few weeks they submitted applications and petitions to the civil administration regarding the "settlers' houses" - which they claim led to the destruction.