Gadi Eizenkot
Gadi EizenkotYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Former IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, who is running for the Knesset as part of the National Unity Party, on Wednesday blasted the movement that advocates the cancellation of the Disengagement from Gaza, saying that "the people who lead the line of settling anywhere, creating an irreversible situation, canceling the Disengagement law and returning the settlement - these are the people who lead to disaster."

Eizenkot made the comments in a meeting with activists in Metula and was quoted by the Israel Hayom newspaper.

According to the report, Eizenkot said during the gathering, "People who have no understanding are leading an opposite line of canceling the Disengagement, and leading to a binational state. This is the platform of [Itamar] Ben Gvir, [Bezalel] Smotrich and parts of the Likud. Because of the political conjuncture, I know very well what they think because I sat with them in discussions. But the political reality pushes them to positions that are against the national interest of the State of Israel."

Eizenkot attacked Benjamin Netanyahu, during whose time in office the town of Homesh was evacuated dozens of times, and said, "The platform of the National Unity Party mentions enforcement of the law in all the territories of Israel and Judea and Samaria. The settlement in Homesh is illegal, there is a Disengagement Law. Under the Netanyahu government as Chief of Staff, I evacuated Homesh between 28 and 62 times. He received a report, he saw the news every morning. There is no dilemma here at all."

"This is not an issue that should be brought before politicians. Such an incident should end with the brigade commander who evicts them in the morning. The fact that it became a political incident indicates part of the illogical reality we have fallen into. Homesh was evacuated dozens of times during Netanyahu's time, so it should not have been an issue at all. I saw Benny Gantz sending a reply to the Supreme Court: Homesh must be evacuated."

On the Palestinian Arab issue, Eizenkot said, "I consider myself a great expert on the Palestinian issue, I will work to take a series of practical steps: First of all - close all the loopholes and complete the border fence. Second - establish hospitals in Judea and Samaria for Palestinians. Today, tens of thousands go to Tel Hashomer and Hadassah for frequent treatments. Third - build industrial areas in Judea and Samaria so they can work and develop in Judea and Samaria. Today, 200 thousand Palestinians go to work in Israel every day. And fourth - energy independence, today they receive all their energy from Israel."

MK Yomtob Kalfon (The Zionist Spirit) said in response to Eizenkot's remarks, "The cat is out of the bag. Eizenkot and the National Unity Party are opposed to settlements in Judea and Samaria and strive for the establishment of a Palestinian state. This is a deep left."