Satellite footage released on Wednesday shows the landing strip at Aleppo Airport in northwest Syria damaged in three different points following an attack attributed to Israel on Tuesday, Ynet reports.

The images, released by Israeli company ImageSat International (ISI) also show repairs that were done at the airport last week after another air strike attributed to Israel.

A source in the Syrian military told the country's official news agency SANA that Tuesday evening’s strike involved missiles fired from over the Mediterranean Sea.

Syria's Transportation Ministry said the Aleppo airport was once again closed after reopening for two days, when its runway was damaged.

Flights to Aleppo were directed to land at the Damascus airport.

Last week, Aurora Intel published satellite footage showing the damage at the airport after the first air strike.

The photos show several vehicles on the runway at the airport, likely conducting a repair following the air strike. Additional damage can be seen to the south of the runway.

An air strike attributed to Israel in June caused serious damage to Damascus International Airport.

Satellite footage published following the June 10 air strike showed significant damage to infrastructure and runways which rendered the main runway unusable.