Seismograph showing earthquake
Seismograph showing earthquake iStock

The designated inter-ministerial team on preparing plans for long-term rebuilding after an earthquake chaired by Prime Minister's Office Director General Na'ama Schultz, and with the participation of dozens of directors general of various government ministries and agencies that deal with emergencies, held its first meeting Tuesday night.

Under the relevant government decision on the issue of long-term rebuilding plans after an earthquake, the Director General of the Prime Minister's Office – in cooperation with the National Emergency Authority and the Inter-ministerial Steering Committee on Earthquakes, in the Defense Ministry – was designated to formulate a national plan, and for government readiness, that it would lead and implement in various fields, including urban construction, personal and community rehabilitation, finance and economy, environment and national infrastructures.

An organizational and legislative infrastructure will also be formulated.

The framework for readiness ahead of earthquakes and global case studies, were presented at the meeting. Work methodologies ahead of formulating the plan were also discussed.

As part of the lessons from the coronavirus, the State of Israel has set for itself the goal of standing together with the advanced countries and formulating a timely rebuilding strategy that will assist in dealing with future disasters.

The preparation of these plans will assist in utilizing future crises to improve and optimize existing systems according to the 'build back better' concept so that the unique opportunities in moments of crisis may be utilized.

The government ministries and other officials that participated in the discussion noted that convening this discussion was an unprecedented and exceptional beneficial step.

"It is not a question of if a strong earthquake in Israel will occur, but when,” PMO Director General Schultz said at the start of the discussion.

“The Government of Israel has set for itself the goal of stepping up preparations for a strong earthquake and other emergencies in both the preventive and damage-minimization phases, and in rebuilding. Today, we are mobilizing all government ministries in order to ensure that the State of Israel will be better prepared for emergencies."