Joint Arab List MKs
Joint Arab List MKsPhoto by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

An agreement reached by the Joint Arab List increases the chance that the list win run as a united party, Kan News reported Wednesday morning.

The Joint Arab List is comprised of three factions: Balad, Ta'al, and Hadash. Recently, however, Balad announced its intention to split, which according to one MK would lead to a drop in voter turnout.

According to the report, the main issue under contention is whether the party will recommend a candidate for prime minister after the upcoming elections.

Sources involved in the negotiations said that despite Balad's demand that the party not recommend anyone, Hadash and Ta'al are expected to announce that they are prepared to recommend a candidate who will commit to a list of promises which "cannot be fulfilled."

Among the promises the factions want are the cancellation of the Nationality Law, and that the government work to found a "Palestinian" state.

"It's clear to us that in the current situation, there is no candidate for prime minister who will promise to do this," the parties said.

According to the sources, there are still disagreements regarding which candidates will be placed in realistic spots on the list. Balad offered to give up two spots in the first six, in exchange for leading the party. Sources in the Joint Arab List, however, rejected the offer, saying that it is "an outrageous demand."