Ze'ev Elkin
Ze'ev ElkinIsrael National News

MK Ze'ev Elkin, number 7 on the National Unity Party’s slate for the next Knesset, spoke with Israel National News on Tuesday evening, at the conclusion of the party's election campaign launch event.

"We will know how to bring in the Likud without Netanyahu as Prime Minister, but we will certainly be happy to cooperate with Yair Lapid in the next government. The only one who can unite all the forces is Benny Gantz," Elkin said.

He added, "Unfortunately, the face of the Likud is the face of Dudi Amsalem. Netanyahu is taking the Likud to a bad place because of his cult of personality."

Elkin claimed that his party appeals to a large religious Zionist public. "In the top ten spots on the National Unity Party’s slate there are five representatives from religious Zionism and we can even compete with the Religious Zionism Party for the representation of the public."

He was asked if Ayelet Shaked's Zionist Spirit Party would not be the one that ultimately decides the identity of the next government and replied, "In order to impose something on someone, Ayelet Shaked must first pass the electoral threshold and she must focus on this task."

MK Matan Kahana also commented on the appeal to the National Religious public and said, "The party is, by definition, the home of moderate and statesmanlike religious Zionism. We have a slate with members of religious Zionism, graduates of yeshivot and ulpanot, people who even before entering politics expressed the values ​​of religious Zionism and we will continue to work together for all the people of Israel."

Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata added, "We are in a fifth election campaign and must form a broad and stable government and Benny Gantz can do that. I think the statesmanlike religious public can find a home with us."