Benny Gantz
Benny GantzElad Malchah

Between the Samaria communities of Shiloh and Eli lies a mountain with a community called Givat Haktoret, The name was given to the place by Amichai Merehavia, a resident of Eli who fell in the Second Lebanon War.

The mountain overlooks Tel Shiloh (ancient Shiloh) and the location of the Biblical Tabernacle where offerings such as incense were made, which is how the place was named.

Most of the mountain area is state land, and most of it is even included in the 'blue line' of Shiloh and Eli which is marked for their expansion.

However, as part of the Fayad plan and the Palestinian Authority's campaign to take over state land in Judea and Samaria, a process of construction and agricultural work spread from the neighboring Arab villages towards the mountain with the aim of separating Shiloh and Eli from each other.

To prevent this, settlement leaders in Shiloh and Eli initiated the establishment of an agricultural farm on one side of the mountain, and in addition a yeshiva lead by Rabbi Arla Harel, president of the Lev Hadash Yeshiva in Shiloh.

"The location of the yeshiva was deliberately chosen within the Blue Line area of ​​Shiloh, to prevent future evacuation. The process of recruiting the students was in very advanced stage, but when they went to work in the field, it became clear that a demarcation order had been issued by the Ministry of Defense under the direct instruction of Minister Benny Gantz, which he put in order to prevent the establishment of yeshivas in Judea and Samaria in general, and we are alarmed by the threats of the mukhtar of the nearby village of Kiryot," Rabbi Harel told Israel National News - Arutz Sheva.

"Thus, in the last moments, the students of the Moriah yeshiva found themselves without a place to stay. Efforts were made to find an alternative place in the Shiloh block, which were unsuccessful due to time constraints, and the yeshiva's management had to inform the students that it was unable to open at the start of the school year as planned. But, of course, we are not giving up - The yeshiva continues the fight for the settlement on the hill, and is now working together with all the arms to change the situation as soon as possible, after the demarcation order expires."