Avihai Antman
Avihai AntmanPicture used with permission of Channel 13 News

The State Attorney's Office announced its intention to appeal the sentences given to the terrorists who attacked a Jewish couple in Jerusalem right after they became engaged last year.

Avihai and Shahar Antman were attacked in May 2021 shortly after Avihai proposed and Shahar accepted his proposal at a popular location overlooking the Temple Mount. The couple informed their families and friends of the good news and made their way towards Beit Orot, when on the way their car was blocked and rioters started throwing rocks and stones at them.

Avihai got out of the vehicle and was beaten, stoned and even stabbed in the back. Shahar managed to escape and reached the police. Eventually Avihai reached the police as well and was taken to the hospital with a knife wound to one of his lungs.

Five people were arrested and later convicted for the attack, and in July of this year they received sentences of five to seven years in prison.

Following the verdict, Attorney Haim Bleicher from the Honenu legal organization sent a letter to the State Attorney's Office asking that the State appeal the light sentence given to two of the attackers and seek a harsher sentence against them.

"Kicking, punching, knocking down a police barrier and even stabbing Avihai in the chest. All this lasted for several minutes while Avihai was lying on the road... In addition, the defendants were complicit in the most serious incidents of several terrorist attacks against the security forces," Bleicher wrote.

He added that the crimes for which the terrorists were convicted carry maximum sentences of 25 years in prison, and that the comparatively light sentences would not deter future terrorist attacks but only serve to encourage them.