Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi
Rabbi Benzion MutzafiYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi, a prominent Sephardic rabbi, harshly criticized those who ride electric scooters, calling the scooters themselves "murder machines."

Rabbi Mutzafi's words were a response to a request by a student of his that he pray for the recovery of someone who suffered a head injury from a "two-wheeled vehicle" in Kiryat Ata, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

In his response to the student, Rabbi Mutzafi said, "There is no police, there is no presence on the roads, there is no governance, there is no deterrence. Anyone who goes on an intercity road, and even a city road, sees what is happening with the lawlessness with the electric bicycles, with the electric scooters, that are murder machines in every sense."

"Blessed is the hand which signs on a prohibition to travel on the roads with an electric scooter or electric bicycle. Blessed are the parents who prevent their children from 'traveling' on them, this leads to purgatory, and such a rider is considered one who committed suicide, and there is a doubt as to whether he has a share in the World to Come, my G-d protect us.

"Traffic supervisors: Take the initiative and stop them. By doing so you will save lives."