IDF soldier detained at exit from Temple Mount
IDF soldier detained at exit from Temple MountPhoto: Beyadenu

This morning (Tuesday), a Jew who went up to the Temple Mount in an IDF uniform was detained after sitting on the steps and insisting on continuing to sit when a police officer demanded that he get up.

"Beyadenu" guide Elisaf Ofen was detained outside the Temple Mount after he claimed he was attacked by an Arab woman on the Temple Mount when she hit him with a sandal.

On his way off the site, the police detained Ofen, not the woman, and took his phone, informing him that he was being held at the station.

Beyadenu translates into English as “in our hands” and the organization’s full name is: Beyadenu – Returning to the Temple.

According to the data gathered by Beyadenu, 18 Jewish pilgrims were arrested on the Temple Mount in the past month, another 15 were detained, and about 15 pilgrims were prohibited from visiting the Temple Mount by administrative orders.

For comparison, in July, five Jewish pilgrims were arrested on the Temple Mount and in August the number rose to 18. In July, six were removed, and in August - 15. According to Beyadenu, in total there are currently about 20 Jews prohibited by administrative order from entering the Temple Mount site. One of them is the CEO of the organization, Tom Nisani.

A few days ago, former MK Yehuda Glick was detained and removed from the Temple Mount. His only infraction was playing the tape of the shofar (ram’s horn) being blown on the Temple Mount when it was liberated from Jordanian occupation in the Six Day War.

Tom Nisani, CEO of Beyadenu said: "The Israeli government and the Israel Police have declared war on Temple Mount pilgrims. They randomly keep Jewish pilgrims away from the Temple Mount and stop them from sitting at the site or praying. The transitional government and the police officers who thus persecute Jews have no right to act against the pilgrims on the Temple Mount beyond maintaining the security and safety of the citizens. It is time to take away from them the powers that were taken without any legal authorization. The time has come for civil administration on the Temple Mount."