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Wise people have advised us already in the past, that “Not to Vote Is to Vote and Not to Speak Is to Speak” but many individuals think that their vote will not count anyway and therefore, they will not even try to go and cast their votes.

At the same time, many of those who do go to vote will cast their votes without taking into consideration a variety of factors of serious consequences to their own well-being.

It is no wonder that many millions of dollars are invested in election campaigns intended to convince those who do go to vote, to cast their decisive vote in favor of certain candidates.

A responsible wise person who has a clear mind and understanding of the dynamics of the relentless pressure, which is imposed on the people, by a variety of media outlets and campaign operatives, will have to step back for a responsible reflection, before casting their votes.

One of the major points to consider is the sober evaluation and comparison between the real actions which were taken in the past, and the manipulation of the information and the doubtful promises which are being made by those who run for office, and their supporters. In addition, it is imperative to know, that much of the relevant information is not readily available in many of the media outlets.

Everyone will have to consider the fact that whatever decision that they take, will affect them and their families, personally and directly.

The character of the people running for office is important, but their overall policies may be even much more significant. Since nobody is perfect, one may not like the character of a certain politician, but many other considerations will have to be considered before casting a vote.

For example:

  • Do we want to have economic security in our country?
  • Do we want to allow an out-of-control inflation to take away much of our hard-earned money?
  • Do we want our leadership to manage the wealth of our country in a responsible manner?
  • Do we want an honorable, strong, and effective police to protect the citizens from criminals?
  • Do we want to have a strong military to protect us from cruel enemies, foreign and domestic?
  • Do we want a reliable and powerful national stability, to prevent hostile challenges from our enemies?
  • Do we want a responsible border management to protect the resources and security of our country?
  • Do we want to prevent criminals from poisoning and killing our future generation?
  • Do we want to preserve our liberty and freedom of expression?
  • Do we want to be able to protect ourselves from criminals, should the police be late to arrive?
  • Do we want an equal opportunity to excel throughout our lives?
  • Do we want to be energy independent?
  • Do we want to transition into renewable energy in a responsible and gradual manner?
  • Do we want to secure our food supplies for years to come?
  • Do we want to nurture creative education and research, to be able to excel internationally?
  • Do we want to use the time spent in our educational institutions efficiently and productively?
  • Do we want parents to have a say in the choice of education of their children?
  • Do we want to share fairly our historical facts and our traditional Divine values of equality and justice to all?
  • Do we want to learn from our past and encourage valuable success, and discourage mediocracy?
  • Do we want the parents to have a say in the healthcare choices of their minor children?
  • Do we want a fair and trusted justice system, where everybody is treated equally under the law?
  • Do we want to be able to be treated equally and fairly by our government?
  • Do we want to encourage individual initiatives and creativity to promote innovations?
  • Do we want to limit the bloated size of the government?
  • Do we want to limit the heavy-handed taxation of productive individuals?
  • Do we want to prevent politically motivated persecutions?
  • Do we want our leaders to follow our laws?
  • Do we want to restore respect and admiration to our leader?

I am confident that the majority of the people will respond affirmatively to most of the points that I have mentioned, and therefore, I hope that each person, will take a serious look at the facts, ignore deception and manipulation, by self-serving individuals, and will vote in a responsible manner.

This most important decision to vote will have to be done, irrespective of any previous political affiliations, should they be on the left, on the right or anywhere in between.

May we have a better future to the benefit of all of us.