Dr Moeen
Dr Moeenצילום:

Dr. Moeen Shahabarat is a Israelian figure and he is the representative of the Middle East Peace of the Alliance of the people of world.

He was born in Haifa City on the Upper Galilee, Israel. From a very young age, he was an influential person and all what he wanted to achieve is to help in spreading peace in his country and in the whole world.

He got the bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Law. After that, he continued his study and got the master's degree in law, then he got the PhD in political science in the Middle East area. His major aim behind studying the PHD specially in political science was in order to reach to what he is now as he became the representative of the Middle East Peace of Alliance of the peoples of the world

Dr. Moeen Shahabrat said, speaking to Aruts Aheva. I began my journey toward achieving peace around the world to show the people the fact that wars’ disadvantages and damage is more than its advantages, and to make them see that we can live a better life if we stopped fighting with each other.

He also said that this can only happen if we combined our efforts together to make real.