Khan al-Ahmar
Khan al-AhmarJerusalem Periphery Forum

The decision on the illegal Bedouin outpost Khan al-Ahmar is approaching. In about a week, the state must provide its response to the conditional order issued by the Supreme Court regarding the evacuation of the outpost.

In the order issued, the judges of the Supreme Court stated that the state must evacuate Khan al-Ahmar or explain why it will not do so.

The court had previously ordered the illegal settlement demolished and gave the government until July 2021 to complete its evacuation. However, the government has repeatedly asked the court for extensions of the deadline to evacuate the outpost.

In preparation for the state's response, the Jerusalem Periphery Forum ("Forum Otef Yerushalayim"), which unites the Israeli towns around Highway 1, including Kfar Adumim, on whose land the illegal outpost Khan al-Ahmar was built, said on Sunday that "time after time, the Supreme Court of Justice has ruled that the illegal outpost of Khan al-Ahmar must be evacuated, and the demolition orders issued by the state against the buildings on the site must be implemented. The position of all Israeli governments that dealt with the issue stated that the place must be evacuate and the law and justice enforced."

"We call on the state to uphold the Supreme Court's ruling and evacuate Khan al-Ahmar this week. Any postponement of the evacuation or attempted relocation of the buildings in the area is a reward for terrorism and for the Palestinian Authority which encourages the illegal takeover of state lands and Highway 1 leading to Jerusalem. We must not give up the capital of Israel and on the governance of the areas around it and the roads leading to it. Highway 1 is a main and strategic artery, and we cannot agree to build a new Palestinian city there," added the forum.

It also noted that there is a ready-made solution in which millions of shekels have been invested by the state: "There is a solution prepared for the people of Khan al-Ahmar in Abu Dis that includes dozens of plots of land that the state has prepared, at a cost of millions of shekels, which include electricity, water, road infrastructure and preparation for future public buildings - with an alternative solution for the school currently operating in Khan al-Ahmar. There is no reason not to implement this solution this week."