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The Jewish community of Porto, Portugal condemned what it described as an “antisemitic conspiracy” to destroy the law that allowed Sephardic Jews of Portuguese descent to claim citizenship.

In response, the community filed a complaint with the European Public Prosecutor's Office. The document alleged that they were subjected to an “antisemitic conspiracy against the wealthy members of the Portuguese Jewish community and the strongest Jewish organization in Portugal” which also “harm[ed] the financial interests of the European Union.”

The complaint was documented in an e-book entitled "The First Major Antisemitic Conspiracy of the 21st Century,” and was submitted with the assistance of lawyers from Portugal, the USA and Israel, along with the European Jewish Association (EJA).

According to the community: "A group of people among the Portuguese elites, united executive, legislative, judiciary and media powers [are involved] in a violent antisemitic conspiracy.”

They alleged that the objectives of the conspiracy were “to destroy the Sephardic Law against a backdrop of terror, so that no one could come forward to defend that law; to reject politically the large influx of Israeli citizens with an interest in Portuguese nationality; and to produce a 'criminal lawsuit' based on anonymous denunciations that aimed to destroy the Jewish businessman Patrick Drahi, wealthy Jews of Portuguese origin and the Jewish Community of Porto."

Gabriel Senderowicz, the president of the Jewish Community in Porto, described the case as impacting all citizens of the European Union.

"The European Public Prosecutor's Office has no legal legitimacy to investigate cases of antisemitism, but in this case, there are some sins of corruption on the part of ruling elites and this harms all citizens of Europe," Senderowicz said.

The 113-page complaint the community submitted to the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) last week charged that "conspirators used a criminal organization dedicated to nocturnal raids on private homes and law offices of people supposedly connected to Patrick Drahi, and also used false accusations of drug trafficking and fraud, and 'anonymous' sources who have already been convicted in court for defamation of members and friends of the Jewish Community of Porto."

The complaint accused multiple politicians, influencers, and journalists from several newspapers and TV stations in Portugal of involvement.

"Week after week, entire families were subject to libellous exposure in the newspapers, and slander on television, all based on anonymous denunciations and anonymous sources. No one escaped this type of Inquisition-style 'purification,'" the document alleged.

"'Operation Open Door', which was presented to the world as the sale of passports by a rabbinate who acted for money, is after all a 'Palestinian case' that attacks Jewish Israelis, wealthy Jews and strong Jewish institutes connected with Portugal," the complaint added.