Satellite footage published by Aurora Intel on Thursday shows the damage at Aleppo International Airport in Syria, following an air strike attributed to Israel on Wednesday night.

The photo shows several vehicles on the runway at the airport, likely conducting a repair following the air strike. Additional damage can be seen to the south of the runway.

Syria on Wednesday evening accused Israel of carrying out an air strike on the Aleppo airport. No injuries were reported. Israel has not commented on the report.

Last week, Russian forces in Syria claimed that Israel had bombed a research facility in the city of Masyaf.

The alleged strike was conducted on Thursday, and according to the reports, four Israeli jets launched 16 guided aerial bombs and four cruise missiles against the Syrian facility.

In late July, Syria accused Israel of firing missiles in the suburbs of Damascus.

A military source said that three soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in the air strike.

An air strike attributed to Israel in June caused serious damage to Damascus International Airport.

Satellite footage published following the June 10 air strike showed significant damage to infrastructure and runways which rendered the main runway unusable.

Shortly after the strike, work began to repair the damage and flights have been mostly diverted to the international airport in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.