Demonstration in Jerusalem
Demonstration in Jerusalem Oz Faber/TPS

Dozens of people demonstrated at the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem on Thursday against the justice system and against the injustice they claim was caused to Amiram Ben Uliel, the Jew who was convicted two years ago of murdering members of the Dawabshe family in the Arab village of Duma in 2015.

The protest took place hours after the Supreme Court rejected Ben Uliel’s appeal of his conviction for arson and the three life sentences handed down (corresponding to the three members of the Dawabshe family who died).

The demonstrators shouted "free Amiram", "a Jew does not torture a Jew" and some of them tried to block the road and disrupt traffic. Four right-wing activists were arrested by the police on suspicion of violating public order.

Similar demonstrations were also held in several areas throughout the country, such as Yitzhar.

The judges who heard Ben Uliel’s appeal ruled that the appeal was to be denied and that the confession he made, three days after his arrest, along with his description of how the crime was committed, was legally permissible. "There is no doubt that it was he who committed this terrible deed," they said.

Their ruling comes despite prior rulings from lower courts that invalidated two of Ben Uliel's three confessions, accepting his claim that he was tortured in order to extract his confession.