A new study published in Science Advances investigating the effects of COVID vaccines on menstrual cycles has revealed that many women are significantly affected by vaccination, which has now been acknowledged by Dr. Anthony Fauci during an interview on Fox News.

The study set out to examine two main questions: What proportion of women are affected by menstrual irregularities after the COVID vaccine; and, what proportion of non-menstruating women experienced breakthrough bleeding following COVID vaccination.

The study found that 42 percent of women with regular cycles bled more heavily following vaccination; for women with pre-existing menstrual conditions, that percentage rose to 50 percent.

On the second main issue investigated, the study found that 66 percent of post-menopausal women experienced what is known as "breakthrough bleeding" after being vaccinated against COVID. For women who were on long-acting contraception, this figure rose to 71 percent. 39 percent of women on "gender-affirming care" hormones (i.e. women claiming to be trans-men) experienced breakthrough bleeding.

The study's authors noted that their findings "align with other recent studies that show significant menstrual cycle responsiveness to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination." They also mentioned that "menstrual function may be disrupted long-term, particularly in those with long COVID," citing one study which showed that, "Among the SARS-CoV-2 positive participants, 16% reported changes in their menstrual cycle."