Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia MatarIsrael National News

It is unclear whether this is due to the feeling that victory is already assured, perhaps a feeling of disgust and lethargy from another election campaign, and perhaps due to the summer vacation.

However, the calm in the wake of the primaries is frightening and dangerous.

With all respect to the candidates who placed high on their party’s list for the next Knesset, we must remember that this is just the beginning of the task and much hard, strenuous work remains, which will require reaching out to each and every voter.

Our fear is that the lessons of the past year and the coalition with Mansour Abbas and members of the Islamic Movement have not been learned; that passing the reins of leadership to the parties on the extreme Left that do not represent the position of the majority of the population did not sufficiently upset the voters; that the ongoing undermining of Jewish tradition and the Jewish identity of the State of Israel did not rouse voters from their apathy, and the dwindling sovereignty and governance in all parts of the country produced nothing more than slight turbulence.

The surveys that speak of 59 mandates for the Right and 55 for the Left are misleading. Hiding behind these numbers is just one conclusion – an apparent victory for the Left, which will supplement its missing mandates by forming a coalition with the Joint List party and with its erstwhile partners - the United Arab List party.

The leaders of the Right must awaken now and rouse others, to lead the nation with their powerful vision.

The voters want to see their elected officials leading the way, guiding, encouraging and especially raising their spirits with a return to the Zionist discourse. They must go from city to village, from community to moshav, from north to south, to meet the voters, listen to their aspirations and their feelings, answer their questions and primarily, raise the spirits of the nation by establishing a lofty ideal, brandishing the banner with an optimistic outlook toward the future with faith in the glorious spirit of the people who cleave to the heritage of Israel and Jewish identity, a people who love their land and are willing to devote themselves on its behalf.

The Zionist vision has taken a giant step forward, however, it has not yet been realized in its entirety. The Israeli leadership must establish defined goals which will be formalized in the fundamentals guidelines of the next government and which will restore us to the roots of our existence in the Land of Israel, sovereignty, governance, Judaism, Aliya, settlement, justice and more.

When the leaders present a clear message and vision, the voters will join in their multitudes, will be mobilized to the election campaign which will bring the hundreds of thousands who preferred to remain at home in the previous elections, to the polling stations.

We do not have the luxury of waiting for the home stretch just before elections. We cannot wait until after the holidays. We must already now demand a series of practical actions in order to ensure effective, decisive and successful efforts to cause each and every individual to go and vote on Election Day.

We hope that someone is already promoting a comprehensive initiative, which includes a meticulous distribution according to region. If not, now is the time to take action.