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To the mind of the Mossad chief, “Signing the Iran nuclear deal goes against common sense.” /news/358747.

Obviously Israel’s Mossad would fixate on security. Meanwhile the nuclear deal did not go against common sense; to oil crippled America and Europe it made glaring common sense. Their puerile politics of renewable energy coddled together a matrimony made in Gehenna. Mullahs and the West, as compatible as bigamous honeymooners, took their vows at a satanic altar.

They were enfeebled, Israel’s fickle allies, by a cultic hatred of fossil fuel. Climate paranoia made a nuclear deal, which in this other meaning did go against common sense, a foregone conclusion.

Who specifically collaborated with Iran, who made Biden and co put their oil security before a threatened Holocaust on Israel? They were environment hotheads green with the mania; they are to blame for the begging and bribing of Tehran, and the promised refill of its war chest for sowing death and mayhem..

We were advised to, “Think of Biden’s energy policy as a $100 million per day foreign-aid program for Russia.” Well, think of the nuclear deal as quarter of a $ trillion hegemony gift to Iran. Climate craziness made the West shove Israel and its newfound Arab allies under the proverbial bus.

What do you call a mystic shouting, the end of the world is nigh? Nutcase. What do you call an expert shouting, the end of the world is nigh? Environmentalist.

What do you call a mystic shouting, the end of the world is nigh? Nutcase.

What do you call an expert shouting, the end of the world is nigh? Environmentalist.
After all, cult behaviour entails an intense interest in and devotion to an activity or idea. A case in point is women who don’t bear children because the newest doomsday prophecy – one of a string of 12-year windows going back to 1989 – said that mother earth won’t be fit for living in twelve years time. /news/305783 Another sign of the cult is the Swedish lass celebrated on a Time cover as Climate Goddess.

If Climate Crisis is a cult then Al Gore is the guru. His 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth is the stuff of which cult beliefs are made. And today it is in the curricula of Jewish day schools.

Guru Gore’s creed rests on three pillars: global warming is real, it will be catastrophic, and fixing it is the world #1 priority. /news/305783

Among the ‘heretics” is Bjorn Lomborg who cut the fallacies to shreds, being more than generous in giving Gore his pillar global warming. In point of fact to average out the earth’s temperature is a task both impractical and illogical. Gore’s two remaining pillars are, well – cardboard. There’s the vacuous imperative to fix the climate. The selfsame thing could be said of diarrhoea, malaria, malnutrition, dirty drinking water or basic illiteracy, all of which afflict half of humanity.

Gore claims that generations to come will chastise us for not committing to COP protocols. “More likely, “generations to come will wonder why in a world full of inconvenient truths, Gore picked the one where we’d achieve the smallest good for the greatest cost.”

And the mad Mullahs? What strings did they pull to orchestrate the climate cult’s dance- macabre? They had the head of world power #1 twitching on the end of their line. By the nature of their work purveyors of terror rarely get caught. After the August 2021 suicide attack in Kabul that killed 13 Americans and some 100 Afghans, President Biden warned those who carried out the attack, “as well as anyone who wishes America harm. Know this. We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

The promise to “make you pay” may be as close to the truth that Biden will ever come. Had he said, “you will make us pay” he would have been in deadly earnest and honest. To pay terrorists, records prove, is a neater but nastier step than to make them pay. Indeed, there can be strong diplomatic deal making arguments for not making terrorists pay.

Witness the AMIA atrocity in Buenos Aries when Biden, as Vice President, stood by while President Obama made sure that the identified killers of 85 Jews walked away scot free. How and why did Obama do such a thing?

Tom Friedman of the New York Times talked with Obama right after he had bagged his legacy. Finally he could flutter the piece of paper to signal a deal with Tehran.

“It is a better outcome for America, Israel and our Arab allies than any alternative on the table,” a cock-a-hoop President told Friedman. And what a table it had been; clutter-free, meaning no side issues that could possibly offend Mullahs slouching and sneering on their side of the table. Everything had been taken off the table – everything except bribes. For caliphate fanatics the prickly issues were (1) holocaust threats they routinely make against Israel, and (2) their worldwide network of terror.

Had Obama put those on the table the terrors in suits would have got up and walked out. Then they would have gone nuclear – according to Obama. And teaching Biden the way to go, Obama gave the bombers $150 billion in cash to spend. The lot of the master terrorists was not crime and punishment but crime and reward. Jewish blood is a traded commodity between the US, EU and Tehran.

Tehran will again get the cash to send more Jews, Allah willing, to kingdom come. Biden, like his mentor, has swapped Jewish lives for a reptilian ally.

You sell us oil, we will leave the rest between you and Israel.

Who knows but on the spinning wheel of fate, environmentalists and the signatories of the nuclear deal will descend to gehenna, taking their Holocaust dreams and dementia down with them.

Steve Apfelis an authority on anti-Zionism and a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction. His blog, ‘Balaam’s curse,’ is followed in 15 countries on 5 continents