Joseph Gutnick
Joseph GutnickIsrael National News

As a follow up to his interview with Israel National News in which he gave his support to Ayelet Shaked and in reaction to Jonathan Pollard’s retracting his endorsement of Shaked, Australian Rabbi Joseph Gutnick stated that he hopes there will be momentum for Shaked.

He is also continuing to give her his full support.

“Let’s hope there will be some momentum now for Ayelet. Let’s think of ways to help her. She is the key to a right wing government in my opinion,” Rabbi Gutnick told Israel National News.

“I am sticking my head out for her. I hope she appreciates it and will not let us down again. I have faith in her,” he added.

He explained that he is still endorsing Shaked, even though Pollard retracted his endorsement of Shaked on Tuesday. He believes that Shaked has the chance to take away votes from the left and center and that will help form a right wing government.

“I still endorse Shaked even though Pollard retracted,” he said. “If she takes votes away from the left, centre-life or centre that’s a good thing.”

Rabbi Gutnick asked, “Do people want a government with Arabs or Ayelet?”

“She can make the difference. That’s my stance and I don’t retract. I don’t need Likud or anyone. I have no agenda, only a right wing government, that’s my opinion.”

He cautioned that Israel cannot have another political stalemate or another broad coalition government beholden to the left.

“We can’t have a stalemate again and a Lapid government with those who don’t support the Jewish State,” he said. “No insults can influence my opinion. The Rebbe told me in writing many times to act according to how I read the map.”

He gave Shaked his support because he believes “she will support a right wing government if she passes the threshold.”

“I of course support Bibi but there can’t be another stalemate and new election etc etc. I don’t bow to pressure. I have gone through many pressure in my life and I am resilient,” Rabbi Gutnick said.

Rabbi Gutnick added that his purpose in speaking out is to help draw votes to Shaked from undecided and centrist voters.

“I am not telling Chabad and the National Religious to vote for her,” he explained. “They can vote for whom they feel. I want Shaked to draw votes from the moderates, doubtful voters, from the centre, centre-left.”