The Supreme National Emergency Committee, an organization representing security prisoners, announced the beginning of a hunger strike of a thousand prisoners starting Thursday in protest of the prison service's failure to respond to their demands for improved prison conditions.

The leadership of the security prisoners recently began a series of escalating protest measures in preparation for the announcement of a general hunger strike, within the framework of which all the organizations that represented the prisoners before the prison service were disbanded and it was decided to engage in a campaign of disobedience.

Palestinian Prisoners Society head Kadora Fares emphasized that the security prisoners will not submit to Israel's policy of "breaking their spirit and steadfastness," and they set an ultimatum to Israel to respond to their demands by tomorrow.

n an interview with Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV channel, Fares called for public support for the security prisoners, including through a "sweeping popular revolution" in all of 'Palestine,' at the same time as the prisoners' "revolution".