demolishing Ramat Migron
demolishing Ramat Migronno credit

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court ordered the police to release the five detainees who were arrested this morning during the destruction at the Ramat Migron outpost.

At the same time, the police's request to keep the detainees away from Ramat Migron for 14 days was rejected and it was determined that the location would be declared a closed military area for two days.

Unusually, during the arrest, at the police station, Shabak personnel gave warning talks to some of the detainees.

During the hearing, Attorney Nati Rom, who represents the detainees on behalf of the Honenu legal organization, said that the request to extend their detention "is a scandalous request by the Israel Police that does not distinguish between the various suspects."

He also claimed that from the moment the order creating a closed military area was presented to the moment of the arrest, only a few minutes passed that did not allow them to leave the place on their own initiative. This is in addition to the fact that most of them are residents of the place to whom the order does not apply. In addition, he claimed that there is no fear for the safety of the detainees that justifies their removal from the location.

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court accepted the argument of Attorney Rom and ordered the immediate release of the three detainees. In addition, the Juvenile Magistrate's Court also made a similar decision and ordered the release of two boys who were also arrested.

Attorney Rom said that "once again we are seeing a particularly violent eviction and arrest of boys in Ramat Migron. Some of them sought to photograph the violence of the police and were attacked and arrested, and they refused to sign a two-week removal of themselves from the place, and rightly so. The use of the Israel Police as a tool to punish and remove them from the area and bring them to Shabak meetings is wrong and we are happy that the court released the suspects and refused to keep them away for 14 days as the police requested."