Air strike in Syria (illustrative)
Air strike in Syria (illustrative)SANA/Handout via REUTERS

Russian forces in Syria on Friday claimed that Israel had bombed a research facility in the city of Masyaf, Russian news agencies reported.

The alleged strike was conducted on Thursday, and according to the reports, four Israeli jets launched 16 guided aerial bombs and four cruise missiles against the Syrian facility.

Tass and RIA quoted a senior Russian officer as claiming that Syrian troops, using Russian-manufactured anti-aircraft weapons, shot down two of the missiles and seven of the guided bombs. At the same time, the officer said, the attacks damaged equipment at the research facility.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed on Saturday that the Masyaf attack struck a missile warehouse containing over 1,000 Iranian-manufactured missiles.

SOHR noted that the warehouse is located within the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) complex in Masyaf, and in it were stored thousands of medium-range, surface-to-surface missiles which had been manufactured at the research center under the supervision of "expert officers" from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), as well as Iranian-made missiles which had been transported to the warehouse.

The six hours of explosions in Masyaf were caused by these missiles exploding in the warehouse, SOHR explained.

SOHR added that 14 Syrian civilians sustained injuries of varying severity following the strike, and that there were also casualties among the Iranian-backed groups' officials who were guarding the SSRC. In addition, nearby civilian homes and property suffered damage, and multiple fires broke out in the area due to shrapnel from the warehouse's explosions.