This week we read about a time when a false prophet comes along, and after doing some kind of supernatural sign, tries to get Am Yisrael (the People of Israel) to worship idols.

You’d think, that the Torah would give us some rules and tools, to figure out if this person is lying, especially since this person carries out a supernatural sign - and this is one of the ways we test to see if a prophet is telling the truth (as we’ll learn next week) - but the Torah does no such thing. Instead, the Torah just tells us, “don’t believe the prophet, Hashem (G-d) is testing you.”

Which makes the question even bigger: How are we supposed to know it’s a test, if we don’t have the tools so cope with this situation?? How is Hashem testing us, but not giving us the way to understand it’s a test?? What’s going on here? And how is this very important topic relevant for us today??