Yair Lapid
Yair LapidHezki Baruch

Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that the country is in a better state now than it was a year and a half ago during a Yesh Atid faction meeting in Tel Aviv Thursday.

"A year and two months ago, there were lockdowns, masks, burned fields in the Gaza envelope, a crisis with the American government and a Prime Minister suspected of corruption. We started to change all this, we established a government that began to take care of the big things," Lapid said.

Lapid addressed the crisis which could delay the start of the school year and said: "My relationship with the Finance Minister is very good, we have a professional debate that deserves to be conducted. The Israeli education crisis is a serious matter and we want there to be many opinions and for people to fight it out because it is in our hearts and souls - both for him and for me. We have an excellent Finance Minister and we work well together."

When asked if he would sit in the same government with the Joint Arab List, Lapid said: "The Joint List will not be in the government because they do not want to be in the government." To the question of what government will be formed, Lapid responded, "I will not comment until the results."

The Zionist Spirit party responded: "Lapid admits that he intends to establish a minority government with the support of the Joint List. A 61-seat government that will be blackmailed by the Joint List is a narrow and bad government for the State of Israel. Only the Zionist Spirit will lead to the establishment of a unity, Zionist, stable and good government for Israel."