Volunteers from Hashomrim at the scene of one of the muggings
Volunteers from Hashomrim at the scene of one of the muggings Hashomrim spokesman

In the last few weeks alone, six haredi women have reported being mugged on the streets of Bnei Brak by a motorcyclist who first followed them on his vehicle and then seized their pocketbooks before speeding away.

On Wednesday, a woman who fell victim to such an attack attempted to fight off the robber and was violently attacked in response. She sustained injuries defined as mild yet required medical attention.

"Hashomrim" of Bnei Brak, a neighborhood patrol organization staffed by volunteers, notes that it has received reports of six such cases in recent weeks, all relating to attacks committed on main thoroughfares.

"In all the reports submitted, our volunteers headed to the site of the attack to collect evidence and interview witnesses, in the hope of catching the offender and bringing him to justice," the organization said.

Hashomrim has appealed to local residents to report any suspicious activity immediately. "Such incidents have been occurring on a regular basis and people must increase their vigilance and report anything suspicious at the earliest occasion possible," they said.