F35IDF spokesperson

Israeli military aircraft have been flying over Iranian airspace, according to a report by Saudi Arabian news site Elaph.

According to the report, Israel F-35s have flown over Iran several times in recent months.

It was also reported that the US and Israel recently conducted a joint exercise simulating an attack on Iranian military installations and the takeover of regime installations in Tehran, as a continuation of other exercises simulating similar situations.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz today addressed Israel's concern over the US pursuit of a nuclear agreement with the regime in Tehran:

"Iran's nuclear rush must be significantly scaled back. The financing of its proxies in the region must be cut off from the Iranian riyal pipeline. We will discuss the issue with the Americans, and at the same time, Israel will continue to build up its strength and capabilities - so that in any situation, it knows how to defend itself." Gantz said.

"Tomorrow I will leave for the US for a visit aimed at conveying a clear message regarding the negotiations between the powers and Iran on the proposed nuclear agreement: an agreement that will not set Iran's capabilities back years nor keep it limited in the years to come - an agreement that [in its present form] will harm global and regional security."