Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the proposed revival of the Iran nuclear deal as "madness."

Speaking to Fox and Friends Wednesday, Netanyahu said that the agreement in its current form is "a horrible deal, a dangerous deal, that will pave Iran's path with gold, a golden-paved highway to a nuclear arsenal."

"If Iran has nuclear weapons, they don't merely threaten my country Israel, or the entire Middle East and America's allies. They threaten you directly," Netanyahu told the Fox News hosts.

"Simultaneously with their developing nuclear weapons, they are developing the means to deliver them across continents," he added. "You you could have Iran, governed by these fanatic ayatollahs, who will hold every American city hostage to nuclear weapons."

"I think this is a threat to the peace of the world, and that's what this horrible deal facilitates. It's even worse than the first one," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said that if he wins the upcoming Knesset elections in Israel in November, he would ensure that the Israeli government uses all means at its disposal to ensure Iran never develops nuclear weapons.