Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil iStock

An Israeli, 30 years old, was kidnapped Tuesday by a local gang in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and released that night in exchange for a ransom.

The Israeli had left to meet an Uber on Tuesday night when he was ambushed by a gang. The Uber driver was kidnapped along with the Israeli, and was later abandoned in a deserted area.

For several hours, the Israeli was held in captivity and unable to contact anyone. Police received their initial information from the Uber driver, and several hours later the kidnappers contacted the Israel's family, demanding a ransom. At the same time, the kidnappers succeeded in withdrawing a sum of money from the Israeli's credit card, via an ATM machine.

Local police succeeded in using the kidnappers' and Israeli's phones to identify three possible locations. A search of the first location bore fruit, and led the discovery and arrest of three of the kidnappers.

A while later, the police officers succeeded in locating the Israeli, who was in another location, along with the rest of the gang. During the night, the Israeli was released, and he is now safe with his family.

The Israeli Consul in Brazil and the Foreign Ministry aided the efforts to locate and release the Israeli, and worked with both local police and the kidnapped Israeli's family.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said, "The Israeli Consulate in Sao Paulo managed the issue the entire time, alongside the Department for Israelis Abroad in the Consular Division of the Foreign Ministry, the family, and the police."

The statement added that during the event, the Consulate staff "helped and provided crucial information to the Sao Paulo police unit for the kidnapped and missing."