A Toronto ferry that travels between the mainland and the city’s several islands collided with a ferry terminal over the weekend, sending passengers waiting on the stairs falling down on top of each other, according to witness accounts.

There were 12 injuries reported, including two children.

The passengers were described as folding like a “deck of cards” when the boat impacted the dock, one passenger recalled, the Canadian Press reported.

According to police, the accident occurred at 5 p.m. on Saturday as the ferry, loaded with over 900 people, maneuvered into the terminal.

At least a dozen passengers received minor injuries and five were taken to the hospital for treatment. No one was seriously hurt.

The City of Toronto announced that the boat service to the Toronto islands will be decreased in frequency for the remainder of the summer due to the incident.

The ferry involved in the crash was grounded and only three ferries will be operating at decreased capacity for now, as safety is taken into account.

The city warned in a statement that passengers may face longer than normal wait times for the rest of the summer.

The city added that full ferry service will only resume once an inspector has investigated to ensure proper safety procedures and measures are in place.