West Virginia
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One or more explosive devices discovered inside a federal courthouse in West Virginia on Monday were denoted after most of the city was forced to evacuate.

Police told news outlet WVAA that one or more explosive devices were found in the Elizabeth Kee Federal Building in Bluefield, a small city in West Virginia with around 10,000 people.

Two hours after evacuating the area surrounding the courthouse and with most of the city’s residents leaving town, police detonated at least one explosive device found in the courthouse at 11:40 a.m.

According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, a bomb squad robot was utilized in the operation along with a large number of police officers.

Bluefield Police Chief Dennis Dillow told the newspaper that at least three potential explosive devices were discovered at the federal courthouse.

The area surrounding Westminster Presbyterian Church was also evacuated after objects were found that were potential explosives, police said.

There have been no statements from officials about a motive or what type of explosive devices were found.