Jews waiting to enter the Temple Mount
Jews waiting to enter the Temple MountElron Zabatani/TPS

On Monday morning, the number of pilgrims to the Temple Mount crossed the threshold of 44,000 Jewish worshipers in a single year. What is more remarkable is that there are just over 30 days remaining until Rosh Hashanah marking the end of the current Jewish year and the beginning of the next.

The Temple Mount administration expressed great satisfaction in the dramatic increase and the very significant jump compared to any previous numbers of Temple Mount visits by Jews.

The previous record was 29,119 and was held in the year 2020, before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Assaf Fried, of the Temple Mount administration, says that "positive changes are taking place on the Temple Mount along with the increasing numbers of Jews going there." He was referring to the slow process of relaxation of strict behavior restrictions on Jews on the Mount. At one time, whispering was forbidden as it was seen as a sign of Jewish prayer. Jews are not allowed to drink from the water taps. Fried says, "Because of the place's sensitivity, we have no choice but to work discreetly [to change the discriminatory rules], and the results show.”

"The jump in the number of pilgrims is expected to increase even more before the end of the Hebrew year." The last month of the year, Elul, is a month of asking forgiveness, "and it is characterized by a further increase in the number of pilgrims," Fried added.