Ron Shahar
Ron ShaharPhoto used with permission

On August 21, the famous Israeli TV host Ron Shahar addressed the issue of parental alienation from their young children. He shared the situation in which a friend committed suicide as a result of being kept away from his children while he was in divorce proceedings.

He was commenting on a demonstration in support of the famous singer, Ben El Tavori, organized by a number of divorced fathers and held next to his home. The divorced fathers came to support Tavori after recordings were released in which he was heard cursing his ex-partner Ortal Amar following an argument regarding custody of their son Prince Tavori.

"Without cynicism," Shahar wrote. "I put aside the horrible recordings that were published and I have no idea what kind of father Ben El Tavori is. I choose to refer to the men who came out in sympathy for the parental alienation he experienced and I chose to share the experience of my friend."

According to him, "There are a lot of men who go through parental alienation. Whether it's during the divorce process or whether it lasts for years even after the divorce. Some couples drag the children into their fights when they break up. Fortunately, my ex-wife is marvelous, a wonderful mother, and an excellent partner who knows how important it is for our daughter to have a functioning father who is available and loving. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that. It's an issue that needs to be discussed and addressed."

Shahar later shared: "I had a friend who ended his life because of parental estrangement. It can happen to a woman as well and it's horrifying and unnecessary."