Ronen Bar
Ronen BarOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) head Ronen Bar traveled to Egypt on Sunday and held meetings in an attempt to calm the crisis between Jerusalem and Cairo.

Bar met with the head of Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel, who canceled his visit to Israel in protest at the deterioration of relations between the sides, following the understanding that brought Operation Breaking Dawn to an end.

The head of the Shin Bet explained to Kamel Israel's considerations in embarking on Operation Breaking Dawn, spoke about the threat of an Islamic Jihad terrorist attack and the continuation of the arrests of Islamic Jihad terrorists in Judea and Samaria.

Bar is expected to return to Israel on Monday, in the hope that he will succeed in restoring relations between the countries to normal.

Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio) reported on Sunday that the crisis between Jerusalem and Cairo began more than two months ago, after the IDF announced that it had shot down an Egyptian drone that had infiltrated into Israel at the border. The Egyptians were outraged by the publication and claimed that it embarrassed them. Already then, significant tensions began to arise between the parties.

Later, talks were held between senior officials in the defense establishment and their Egyptian counterparts in an attempt to settle the differences. And if that wasn't enough, a month later, Egypt was unhappy when Israel made public the fact that graves of Egyptian soldiers who died during the Six Day War are located under the lands of Kibbutz Nachshon.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi spoke after that publication. The message of protest from Egypt was passed to Israel through the highest ranks. Now, after more than two months of a crisis that culminated in the days after Operation Breaking Dawn, Israel is looking for a solution.

One of the opportunities that may help is locating the grave of the Egyptian soldiers and recovering their bodies. In recent weeks, efforts to locate the grave have intensified, in hopes that this will be the key to a solution.