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Israeli Men's Marathon Team Wins Gold in Munich

Israel won the men's team marathon at the European Athletics Championships in Munich on Monday, an extraordinary achievement coming fifty years after the massacre of Israeli Olympians in the same city that had happened in 1972; something that had been recognized by the athletes competing.

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The Israeli team won the men's competition with a time of 6 hours, 31 minutes, and 48 seconds. Marhu Teferi, an Ethiopian-born Israeli runner, earned silver in the individual competition. Gashau Ayale, another Ethiopian-born Israeli runner, earned a bronze medal in the same event. Moreover, Kenyan-born Israeli runner Lonah Chemtai Salpeter earned Israel's fourth medal of the day with a bronze in the 10,000-meter run and a personal record time of 30:36:37.

Germany's Richard Ringer was able to burst past Ethiopia's Teferi Degfie to take the gold medal in the men's marathon at the European Athletics Championships. The German managed to finish with a time of 2:10.21, with Teferi finishing second in 2:12.24 and Ayale third in 2:18.59, followed by the rest of the field.

2022 European Athletics Championships men's marathon Teams Scores

Teams (European Cup/score three athletes on total time):

1. Israel, 6:31:48

2. Germany, 6:35:52

3. Spain, 6:38:44

4. France, 6:39:08

5. Italy, 6:45:51

As can be seen from the times recorded by the top five, Israel’s men’s team really were impressive in Munich throughout the contest.

Meanwhile, Israeli runner Maor Tiyouri placed 28th in the women's marathon with a timing of 2:38:04.

Anothr new national record was when the Kenyan-born athlete finished the women's marathon at the World Athletic Championships in Eugene, Oregon, last month at the timing of 2:20:18 to win the bronze medal. Her performance at a world championship set a new national record.

At the 2020 Olympics, the Teferis represented Israel, and Marhu placed 13th in the marathon, a record-breaking performance for an Israeli athlete. He holds the Israeli record for the marathon. Before withdrawing due to menstrual pains, Chemtai Salpeter had been identified as a potential medalist and had been in the leading group for the entire race before being unable to finish.

There is no doubt that the whole of Israel will have been left feeling rather proud and jubilant regarding the performance of the team in the event and the fact that they were able to record an impressive win at the 2022 European Athletics Championships. However, many of them will now be expecting bigger and better things to take place each time they take to the track, as a result.