A neo-Nazi group hung a banner containing a notorious phrase popular with white supremacists on a well traveled pedestrian overpass in Calgary, Alberta, with the incident now being investigated by police.

The banner, which faced a busy highway below, contained the white supremacist phrase, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Referred to as “the 14 words,” it has been described as a “rallying cry for militant white nationalists,” Global News reported.

A photo of the banner first appeared in a social media post by a group known as “Wild Rose Active Club” which also included a quote from Hitler.

The Calgary Police Service hate crime unit has launched an investigation and the banner was removed by city bylaw officers.

Calgary Jewish Federation CEO Adam Silver, who noted in a tweet that there was an almost 50 percent rise in hate crimes towards Canadian Jews in 2021, denounced the banner and called on residents of the city to “stand united to condemn all forms of hatred fully and unambiguously.”

“There must be no place in Calgary, Canada, or any civil society, for white supremacy and hate… to take root. This sign, and its ‘white replacement’ conspiracy theory message, perpetuates hate and fear amongst not only the Jewish community, but all marginalized groups,” Silver told the news outlet.