Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantisYoni Kempinski

Florida's Democratic Party Jewish Caucus slammed the Florida branch of the Republican Jewish Coalition for not calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to disassociate himself with campaigning for Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

The group denounced DeSantis for appearing in a rally late this week with Mastriano in Pittsburgh, calling on the Florida Republican Jewish Coalition to support their effort to stop DeSantis from further appearances with Mastriano, who they denounced for “his support and endorsement of antisemitic hate groups and their leaders such as Gab CEO, Andrew Torba,” Fox News reported.

“If they are not willing to take this stand, they should remove Jewish from their name," the caucus said in a statement. "We expect the Florida branch of the Republican Jewish Coalition to follow the lead of their national organization – the Republican Jewish Coalition – and state: ‘Jewish voters expect candidates to condemn antisemitism, whether it comes from the far left or the far right — and to shun those who espouse it."

They added: "We strongly urge Doug Mastriano to end his association with Gab, a social network rightly seen by Jewish Americans as a cesspool of bigotry and antisemitism.’"

In July, the New York Times published an article detailing Mastriano's links to Gab and its founder, including a state filing showing Mastriano, a Pennsylvania state senator and retired US Army colonel, had paid $5,000 to Gab for “consulting.”

Mastriano, who is backed by former President Donald Trump, is facing four other opponents in November to be the next governor of Pennsylvania.