Nir Orbach
Nir OrbachArutz Sheva

MK Nir Orbach (Yamina) on Friday responded to former minister Matan Kahana's statement that he would be willing to meet with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, if such a meeting became necessary.

"The trauma from the past year, of an inability to keep promises which were made during the election cycle, should not lead to a loss of ideology," Orbach said.

Referring to Abbas, he added, "We're talking about a Holocaust denier, who every meeting with him leads to a greater loss of governance and the strengthening of the failing Palestinian leadership."

Israel Hayom quoted Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked's (Zionist Spirit) response to Kahana's claim that he did not join the Zionist Spirit due to the lack of a clear answer regarding whether the party would join a Likud-led coalition: "The disagreement with Matan Kahana was over portfolios, the day after the elections."

"I am sad that Matan chose to move, in an official fashion, to the 'anyone but Netanyahu' camp, a camp which boycotts half of the nation. This is not the way of Religious Zionism, and it is not our way. In any case, I wish Matan great success on his new path."