Zehava Galon and Yair Lapid
Zehava Galon and Yair LapidNo credit

Former Knesset member Zehava Galon, who is running for the leadership of the Meretz Party, on Thursday condemned the statement of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who accused Israel of committing “50 holocausts” against Palestinian Arabs, but claimed that Israeli officials should continue to meet with him.

In an interview with the Walla! news website, Galon revealed that Prime Minister Yair Lapid told her at a recent meeting that he "intends to reach a political settlement with the Palestinians through Abbas."

In addition, she claimed that the relationship with Abbas depends on the Israeli leadership. "When Gantz, in a very smart move in my opinion, invites Abbas to his home - the public understands that he is a partner," she explained. "There is no such thing as the public, there is leadership, if it is a brave leadership, it says that it is necessary to go for diplomatic moves."

The Likud responded to Galon's comments and said, "The cat is out of the bag - Lapid and Gantz are promoting dangerous concessions to Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. After years in which the Likud removed Abbas from the agenda of the world, Lapid and Gantz are bringing him back to center stage. Only the Likud will establish a stable government that will bring Abbas back to isolation, only the Likud will establish a stable national government that will not be dependent on Abbas’ supporters from the Ra’am Party and the Joint List," said Benjamin Netanyahu's party.

The Zionist Spirit Party, headed by Ayelet Shaked and Yoaz Hendel, said in response to Galon, "Lapid and Gantz in a narrow left-wing government will lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state. A right-wing person who votes for them should understand the consequences. This is exactly why a narrow left-wing government must not be established. Only the Zionist Spirit will prevent narrow governments and lead to a broad and Zionist unity government."