Joseph's Tomb
Joseph's TombYonatan Shetubi

The IDF is making preparations to defend Josef's Tomb in Nablus from fire, following the attack on the compound about two months ago in which an IDF brigadier general and another civilian were injured.

Kan journalist Carmel Dangor reported that at the beginning of August, IDF forces entered, in coordination with the security mechanisms with the Palestinian Authority, to examine how protection would be carried out.

Last night, terrorists opened fired at a bus that was taking Jewish worshipers to Joseph's team. No one was hurt. At the same time, a disaster was averted when Arab terrorists clashed with IDF forces protecting the Jewish worshipers and a soldier in the IDF's Givati unit accidentally fired a bullet towards a comrade while traveling in a protected vehicle.

The bullet was stopped by the soldier's protective vest, and the soldier suffered only very light injuries.

In a statement, the IDF said, "As IDF forces were leaving from an operation to secure the entrance of worshipers to Joseph's Tomb in the city of Shechem (Nablus), which is in the Samaria Brigade's region, safety incident occurred in a vehicle, during which a bullet was accidentally fired from a fighter's weapon. The bullet hit the ceramic vest of the fighter. There were no injuries, and a the incident is being investigated."