Kerem and Shirly Pinto
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On Sunday MK Shirly Pinto's eight-month-old daughter, Kerem, underwent a planned surgery to receive cochlear implants in both her ears.

After waiting five hours in the waiting room Pinto was informed that her daughter's surgery was successful and that she is in the recovery room.

After rejoining Kerem in the recovery room, Pinto noticed that she was awake and was having difficulty breathing.

"The monitor is beeping, her pulse shot up to 200 without even moving, and I can't calm her down," Pinto recalls. "They gave her pills to calm her - they didn't help. Inhalation - didn't help either. She was getting tired, fighting for every breath. My little one is falling asleep, but her chest is beating like she's running a marathon."

At that point, health professionals decided to take a chest x-ray, which revealed that the infant's lungs were inundated with fluids. She received medication to drain her lungs and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

While in the ICU, the doctors discovered that edema had formed in Kerem's windpipe, which blocked her airways. Kerem received intense care including inhalation and steroids.

"My eyes didn't leave the monitor, let her pulse slow down already," states Pinto.

In the middle of the night Pinto awoke to see her daughter looking back at her, she looked at the monitor and saw that Kerem's pulse was down to normal. "She was sitting across from me smiling, oh how I missed that smile, my little angel."