Bruria Arma, 72, was lightly injured on Wednesday evening from rocks thrown by Palestinian Arabs near Mevo Dotan in Samaria.

The woman was traveling in a car with her husband and the rocks were thrown at them as they were driving on the exit road from Mevo Dotan.

The two continued driving until they reached the Reihan Crossing. Magen David Adom paramedics provided Bruria with medical treatment and evacuated her to Haemek Hospital in Afula.

"Me and my wife, Bruria, left Mevo Dotan by car at 7:20 p.m., we went down and arrived at Emek Dotan and after about 500 meters, the window was open, and she said, 'I was hit by a rock', we saw a lot of blood. She called the emergency hotline, I asked for an ambulance and drove away until we reached the Reihan Crossing,'' recalled the husband of the injured woman, Eli Arma.

"We reached the Reihan Crossing and a military doctor arrived and there were many people who assisted us. The ambulance arrived and took us to Haemek Hospital in Afula. They took her for a CT scan of the head, everything is swollen, the eye is swollen, she was injured from a rock. We did not see the rock and we did not see who threw it, I just wanted to get out of there and get to the Reihan Crossing as quickly as possible. I hope that with God's help everything will be fine. The first person to call was the head of the council, he told her, 'You will be fine, don't worry, we love you, it will be fine,'" said the husband.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, responded to the rock attack and said, "The attack is a direct result of the Lapid government's incompetence. If the Israeli government does not wake up and increase deterrence, we will see more and more incidents such as this one. Rock terrorism is not ‘soft’ terrorism. This is hard terrorism, which can also kill."

"I demand that the security forces and the political echelon capture the rock terror squads and deal with them," added the head of the Samaria Regional Council. "We for our part will continue to travel on the roads, raise our children and strengthen the settlement in Samaria, our enemies will not defeat us."