Rabbi Alvin and Esther Reinstein are moving from New Jersey to Efrat with a Torah scroll that was written in Poland before the Holocaust.

They spoke with Israel National News at JFK airport before embarking on the Nefesh B'Nefesh charter flight which will land in Israel on Wednesday.

“I’m on the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight and I’m holding a Sefer Torah that my son in Arizona bought. It was written in Poland before World War II," Rabbi Reinstein explained. "It didn’t go through the Holocaust but his grandparents, my parents and my wife’s parents, all survived the Holocaust. My son gave us this Torah in memory of his grandparents so that we should bring part of my grandparents memory to the Land of Israel.”

Esther added: “We’re making aliyah and… it’s unbelievable. It’s a dream come true, a dream of my parents, a dream of Alvin’s parents. And probably everybody in the Holocaust dreamed that they would one day have to State of Israel to be there.”

“We’re going to be living in Efrat," Rabbi Reinstein said. "My daughter already lives in Israel with her husband and children and we’re going to be moving next to her and we’ll help out with the grandchildren.”