Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben AriPhoto: Moshe Shai/FLASH90

Hundreds of extreme leftists, led by the left-wing organization "Zazim", are putting pressure on the well-known singer Mosh Ben Ari to cancel his appearance at the ancient Bibilical farm in the Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem.

"Zazim" activists sent a message to Ben Ari: "We are your audience, we love your music and you. We were so happy to hear that your concert will take place in Jerusalem tomorrow... until we found out that it is taking place at the farm in the ravine."

“The farm in the ravine is part of a project by Elad, the City of David Foundation, to Judaize the entire area and dispossess the Palestinians of their land," the announcement reads. "It is located on private Palestinian land, and its use is part of a series of acts designed to prevent Palestinians from accessing their land, and also to legitimize the land theft and hide it from sight and heart."

While ignoring the fact that Elad purchases houses and land in the City of David legally, the leftist activists wrote to Ben Ari: "Unbeknownst to you, you have become part of this expropriation process. How can you sing about love and freedom in a place that isl all about expropriation and theft? We call on you to cancel your participation in this show, and not to support this injustice. We will not come. We hope you don't either."

Leftist activist Hagit Ofran wrote on her Twitter account: "Before the coronavirus, we compelled Arkadi Duchin and Danny Robas to cancel a performance produced by Elad at the Hinnom Valley. Let's do it once more, now that they are trying to normalize the settlement again."

In the meantime, right-wing elements distributed Ben Ari's phone number in order to support him ahead of the performance in the City of David. "Friends, urgent help," they wrote. "The dear and beloved singer Mosh Ben Ari is being pressured by organizations supported by foreign countries not to perform in the City of David. It is inconceivable that a Jew cannot perform in Jerusalem or the City of David! Contact Mosh Ben Ari now and support him so that he will perform in the City of David."

Shai Glick, CEO of the Betzalmo organization, said: "It turns out that the extreme left denies the connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. We are sure that Mosh Ben Ari will not submit to extreme leftist elements that are funded by foreign foundations and countries and will put on a huge performance in the City of David in Jerusalem. An overwhelming majority of Israeli citizens are proud of Jerusalem and are not prepared to have it shared with any other nation or country. We will continue to lead the fight against the extreme left that works for boycott and division of our people."