Air strike in Damascus, Syria
Air strike in Damascus, SyriaSANA/Handout via REUTERS

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry on Monday strongly condemned Israeli missile attacks on Syria and the use of the Lebanese airspace to launch such attacks, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The ministry warned in a statement against "the consequences of this aggressive behavior, and the continued violation of Lebanese sovereignty which constitutes a violation of international laws and treaties."

It said that it would file a complaint to the UN Security Council, asking it to intervene to formally end the ongoing Israeli violations.

The statement of condemnation came a day after Syrian media claimed that the Israeli Air Force attacked in western Syria, near Tartus.

According to the Syrian report, IAF fighter planes also arrived from the direction of Lebanon.

The reports claimed that Israel perpetrated two simultaneous attacks, one near the Syria-Lebanon border, perpetrated from Lebanese air space and targeting a location near Damascus; and the second perpetrated from the sea and targeting Tartus.

Israel did not comment on the reports.

On Friday, Syria claimed that the IAF had carried out an attack in broad daylight, injuring two people.

This is not the first time that Lebanon has accused Israel of using its airspace to carry out strikes in Syria.

A year ago, Lebanon's Defense Minister, Zeina Akar, condemned an air strike on Syria that was attributed to Israel and was allegedly carried out from Lebanese airspace.

Akar said the air strike it "blatantly violated Lebanon's airspace at low altitude, causing a state of panic among citizens."

She said the attack violated UN Security Council resolution 1701 to resolve the 2006 Lebanon war and called on the UN to deter Israel from carrying out air strikes on Syria using Lebanese airspace.