Matan Zinman
Matan ZinmanCourtesy of the family

The Arab woman whose vehicle collided with the Zinman family's vehicle last month, causing the death of a six-year-old boy, is likely to be charged with negligent homicide while driving.

Judea and Samaria police are already in advanced stages of the accident investigation, and according to Ynet, it is estimated from the results of the Arab woman's interrogation that she will be charged with negligent homicide while driving.

The Arab driver was interrogated last week, after she was deemed recovered enough from the injuries she suffered in the accident. Kan News added that she was released on bail.

The lethal accident took place on Route 60, near the town of Maaleh Levona in the Binyamin Region. Rivka Zinman was driving with four of her children when at some point, for a reason which is yet unclear, the Arab woman's vehicle veered out of its lane, crossed a solid dividing line, and collided with the Zinman family's vehicle.

As a result of the collision, six-year-old Matan was killed and Emuna, 12, was seriously injured. Benaya (10) and mother Rivka were moderately injured, while six-month-old Noam was lightly injured. Matan was initially evacuated in critical condition, but the doctors fighting for his life were later forced to declare his death.

Rivka Zinman has insisted that the collision was no accident, telling reporters, "There was no traffic accident. It was not a traffic accident."

"I was traveling, the road was empty, including in the other lane. And the vehicle - just saw me, and made a sharp turn towards me and accelerated. I tried to move, I tried to avoid it, and nothing. It rammed into us. My son, who was next to me, received a serious hit to his stomach, he underwent surgery. And my younger son - he was murdered.

"This was not a traffic accident. It was a terror attack. They wanted to hit me. They did hit me. I am asking that they open an investigation into this matter, because this was essentially a terror attack, and not a random traffic accident. I am telling you with certainty, it was not. I was fully conscious the entire time, I saw exactly what happened. It was intentional."