Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet in White House
Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet in White HouseReuters

In a three-page letter from then-US President Donald Trump, obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly received a green light to annex parts of Judea and Samaria.

The letter was dated January 26, 2020, two days before Trump presented his Vision for Peace in the White House. In the letter, the president summed up some of the plan's details. These included that Israel would be able to extend sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria, as outlined in the map included in the plan.

The land was to be annexed if Netanyahu agreed to a Palestinian state in the remaining territory on that map.

In the letter, the former US President asked Netanyahu to adopt the policies outlined in the plan regarding those territories of Judea and Samaria identified as becoming part of a future Palestinian state.

In exchange for Israel implementing these policies and formally the territorial plans not inconsistent with the Conceptual Map attached to the plan "The United States will recognize Israeli sovereignty in those areas of the West Bank that my vision contemplates as being part of Israel.” the letter stated


Though the letter did not mention a timeline for the recognition of sovereignty, according to his spokesman, the former prime minister responded that Israel would move forward with the annexation "in the coming days".