Air strike in Damascus, Syria
Air strike in Damascus, SyriaSANA/Handout via REUTERS

Syrian media on Sunday evening reported that the Israeli Air Force attacked in western Syria, near Tartus.

According to the Syrian report, IAF fighter planes also arrived from the direction of Lebanon.

Syrian media claimed that air defense systems were activated in response to the attack, and the country's military claimed a short time afterwards that there were "three dead and three injured in the Israeli attack on Tartus."

The reports claimed that Israel perpetrated two simultaneous attacks, one near the Syria-Lebanon border, perpetrated from Lebanese air space and targeting a location near Damascus; and the second perpetrated from the sea and targeting Tartus.

According to the Syrian military's official report, "Around 8:50p.m. the Israeli enemy conducted an aerial attack by means of barrages of missiles from the direction of Beirut - missiles which hit a number of targets near Damascus."

"At the same time, an attack was carried out from the direction of the sea, which hit a number of targets in the southern Tartus Governate, and aerial defense systems stopped the missiles and brought some of them down. This aggression caused three soldiers to be killed, another three to be injured, and there is damage to property."

On Friday, Syria claimed that the IAF attacked in broad daylight, injuring two people.